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Riva Pipe Boxing

Riva Pipe Boxing

Riva pre-formed plywood pipe boxing is manufactured using FSC® certified sustainable timber and is one of our most widely used products, which is already installed in countless social housing, affordable housing and housing association projects, as well as in the private residential sector.
Our versatile Riva and Riva ‘D’ products not only provide a simple, quick and exceptionally cost effective solution to conceal horizontal and vertical central heating pipework, but can also be fitted in less than half the time of site made boxing.
Available in a wide range of sizes, Riva and Riva ‘D’ are pre-finished with hard wearing bonded melamine to resists scuffs, scratches and damage, as well as being easy to clean. The range comes with a 2 year guarantee and also incorporates a selection of dedicated accessories, enabling a consistent, high quality finish to be achieved quickly on site.
All products in our standard range are fully compliant with the latest EU Timber Regulations and manufactured, as standard, from FSC® certified timber to aid compliance with sustainable building codes and relevant timber procurement policies

Fitted in under half the time of site made pipe boxing
Two-year guarantee
Manufactured from FSC® certified and compliant sustainable timber
Consistent and uniform finish
Pre-finished with melamine - no painting required
Easy to remove for access
Range of dedicated accessories
Compliant with EU Timber Regulations


Product Code: PENRN-C






Versa 8D Pipe Boxing

N-Case Versa 8D Pipe Boxing provides the ideal solution for concealing vertical pipe work and building services as it's quick and simple to install, as well as providing a robust and attractive finish.

Manufactured from 8mm thick pre-formed plywood and finished in white melamine, the range includes both jointed and 'factory pre-made' options that not only provides immense versatility, but can also be fitted in around half the time of traditional site made alternatives, which helps reduce time and costs on site.

Designed for use in new build, refurbishment and redevelopment projects where heating pipe work, mains water and waste pipes are located 'mid-wall', N-Case Versa 8D is available in 'Standard' one-piece casings and 'Custom' two-piece solutions, which provides specifiers and installers with a wide choice to meet the exact needs of specific projects.

While our 'Standard' one piece casings are ideal for many projects, our 'Custom' two-piece casings provide even greater versatility and can be supplied either as a 'U' shaped factory made solution, complete with an integrated PVC facing joint, or as two separate 'L' shaped sections incorporating a joint strip for easy assembly on-site.

To provide the ultimate in versatility, Versa 8D casings are available using FSC certified timber from sustainable sources and our 'Custom' casings are manufactured to bespoke dimensions, specifications and requirements to meet the exact needs of a project.

We offer a supply and install service on this product range. Please visit our 'Installation' web page to find out more.

Strong, versatile and highly cost effective

Available manufactured from FSC certified timber

Custom casings manufactured to bespoke dimensions, specifications and requirements

Designed to conceal vertical pipe work and building services for mid-wall applications

Significantly quicker to fit than site fabricated pipe boxing

Wide range of one-piece Standard and two piece Custom casings

Provides a consistent, high quality finish on any project

Pre-finished with melamine - no painting required

Easy to remove for routine maintenance

Radiused corners for improved aesthetics

Range of dedicated push fit accessories available

Product Code: PENV8D