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ResQ Hook


The ResQHook is a standard piece of equipment used in Her Majesty's Prison Service and the NHS .
The ResQHook is also certified to medical directives HTM2030 and classified as a piece of medical equipment.
The ResQHook has seen service in many theatres, from the graphic reality of attempted suicide to saving lives at sea and the brutality of a war zone. When speed, efficiency and safety are crucial some of the world’s elite reach for the ResQHook.

Product Codes:

Standard ResQHook
Black Handle—Bright Blade RQS1
Black Handle—Bright Blade—window breaker RQS1WB

Red Handle—Bright Blade RQR2
Red Handle—Bright Blade—window breaker RQR2WB

Green Handle—Bright Blade RQG3
Green Handle—Bright Blade—window breaker RQG3WB

Covert Ops ResQHook
Black Handle—Black Blade RQCO4
Black Handle—Black Blade—window breaker RQCO4WB

Shark-m With No Hook Blade

A heavy duty, moulded cutter with patented 'opposing slopes' at the mouth exit, reducing friction for a more efficient cut.  The 9mm wide mouth allows thicker materials and even 12mm diameter ropes to be cut safely.  Blades can be easily changed.