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ANT7 Lever/ANT1SSS Anti-Ligature Knob Set

 Anti-ligature knob set

Knob on service user side bolts securely through to lever on staff side of the door no visible fittings on inside torx pin anti tamper on outside available in satin stainless steel or polished aluminium.

Product Code: ANT7

Dortrend - ANT19


Dortrend - Large Lever

Large anti-ligature lever.

Available in aluminium and stainless steel

Product Code: ANT19

Dortrend - ANT19PROX

Dortrend have recently designed a solution of using their ANT19 anti-ligature horn lever set with a proximity lock and can adapt any of their lever or knob sets to suit.

Product Code: ANT19PROX

Dortrend - ANT19TTPL


Anti-ligature horn lever on plate complete with thumbturn and escutcheon set, we can modify our turns and escutcheon to suit the cylinder provided available in stainless steel or aluminium.

Also the plate can be any size as required and can reinforce doors or cover any existing holes or damage on the door

Product Code: ANT19TTPL

Dortrend - ANTNS763


Anti-ligature lever, set at 45 degrees on a 63mm rose, that is designed so that when pressure is applied or a ligature is attached the lever drops down to 90 degrees, hence the ligature slips off.

This lever set bolts through at 38mm centres and is available is stainless steel, aluminium and brass.

Product Code: ANTNS763

Dortrend - ANTNS7ESPAG92


Anti-ligature lever set to suit narrow UPVC doors and espagnolette locks, we can manufacture the plate to the dimensions required on most occasions.

Product Code: ANTNS7ESPAG92

Dortrend - Lever Handle ANTNS7SSS


Anti-ligature lever handle manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel.

Supplied with a number of alternative rose fittings.

Product Code: ANTNS7SSS