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Passport Amadeo

Wi-Fi Enabled Proximity Lockset
Suitable for most door types within a larger site
Proximity access locksets are a great way to give service users control of access to their own rooms and for years, we’ve been receiving praise for our PASSPORT system. But, at Primera, we’re always looking to enhance and improve our products. With the existing PASSPORT model working beautifully, and it’s robust, safe, wire-free and anti-ligature design already making a difference in all sorts of facilities, the only way we could improve this product was by taking a new approach that would enable real time changes from a PC.

The result is PASSPORT Amadeo, the next generation of access control system. It works with the same trusted hardware as our existing PASSPORT Solo system and for service users, familiar with its easy card, fob or wristband operation, it works in exactly the same way. But behind the scenes, it’s gathering information. Amadeo can keep track of the movements of any number of ‘key’ holders. It knows the dates, the times, who went where and, as it’s a Wi-Fi enabled system, it’s entirely safe for use in challenging environments.

A significant benefit of this model is how quick and simple it is to program. Instead of going to each individual door, everything can be controlled from one central computer. With internet access, a door can be programmed remotely and a virtual key issued from just about anywhere via a mobile app.

The amount of control and recording can be tailored to different user and staff requirements. For example, alarms could be set to highlight that someone has tried to gain access to a restricted room. It’s even possible to use Amadeo to monitor staff time and attendance.

PASSPORT Amadeo is a powerful combination of great hardware and practical software and is sure to make the management of mental healthcare facilities easier and safer.

Software available for PC, tablet or mobile, Web-based technology, User friendly windows,Time zones, mastercards and users, Variety of card privileges and Suite and sub-suite configurations

Handheld programmer
Mobile data transfer unit, Initialise and programme i-LOCKs, Transmit data from locks to software & vice versa, Stand alone application to manage a system, without PC software, Emergency opening

Card encoder/writer
For encoding and reading user ID cards, USB connection to PC software, Easy to operate contactless encoding, Network encoder, NFC compatible, Space saving, compact design

Back of House Options

i-LOCK door locks

Electronic locking trim suitable for use on standard mortice locks
Wide range of trim sizes and finishes
Suitable for a wide range of lever styles and can be used with existing lever furniture
Battery operated (long battery life)
Internal units with DND and MUR functions
Versions available with wireless communications and NFC compatibility

i-LOCK Elite
Electronic reader for use with dedicated
electronic mortice lock
Lock cases for DIN/EUR/ÖNORM
Low profile design is inconspicuous and visually compatible with a wide range of lever styles
Suitable for use on fire doors

Other door types
i-LOCK options are available for alternative types of door construction including glass doors and narrow stile metal doors.
For single or double leaf doors
Versions to comply with EN 179 for emergency exit applications and locker locks.