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Stand-alone Proximity Lockset
Suitable for most door functions on smaller units

Passport is a stand-alone, battery-powered proximity access control lockset that has been designed specifically to meet the special requirements of a mental healthcare setting. It allows service users independent access to their own space whilst being completely programmable by staff. Built for safety and durability, it also includes Primera’s all important anti-ligature and anti-barricade features.

The concept is simple. Allowing service users to control access to their own space can be hugely beneficial. Not only is demand on staff time reduced, but the locking system allows service users the essential privacy and dignity required by legislation. It allows them to protect their possessions and gives them a safe haven in what can be an alien environment.

PASSPORT operates without mechanical keys, using fobs, wristbands or cards to unlock the door. Compared to keys, all of these options reduce the opportunity for self-harm or injury to staff. Furthermore increased levels of independence, privacy and personal security can help avoid confrontations and flashpoints, contributing to a calmer, more peaceful and theraputic environment.

In the event of an emergency

Unlike conventional access control products, the electronic control equipment included in the Primera PASSPORT lockset is fitted on the outside of the door. This significantly reduces the opportunites for service users to tamper with the device without clinical staff intervention.

PASSPORT comes fully equipped with a concealed and independent barricade override mechanism which ensures clinical staff can gain access at any time. Even in the event of an electronic failure. This eliminates the need for mechanical locking cylinders which are prone to wear and often the target of abuse.

1. Remove the 2 security screws using the screwdriver in the emergency tool kit.

2. Lift out the cover plate.

3. Line up the emergency tool and slide it over the spindle until it stops.

4. Rotate the emergency tool to unlock the door.

Note: In the case of double action - anti-barricade doors; the tool can also be used to pull the door open in the outward direction overcoming any resistance by the service user from inside.

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