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PR1 Classic Bedroom

‘46’ Bedroom Lockset

Bedrooms - Offices/Staff Areas - CTM's - Therapy Rooms

One of our most popular products, the PR-1-46 Classic is the preferred choice of many NHS trusts. The radius plate option with its softer lines avoids an institutional appearance but still offers a robust and practical solution.

The ‘46’ includes an internal turn/pull locking mechanism designed to be easy to operate. It allows service users their legal right to privacy and dignity whilst offering the reassurance of an effective override should staff need to gain access.

All details are designed for safety, including escutcheon plates chamfered to 25° to prevent ligature attachment and laser cut radius corners to prevent self-harm. Fixings are robust and designed to resist tampering.


Product Code: PR-1-46


PR1 Classic Communal

'96' Communal Lockset

Communal Rooms - Link Doors - Offices /CTM's - En-Suite

The PR-1-96 model is a manual locking product supplied in a key/key format with an anti-ligature pull handle on both sides of the door. When in the unlocked position, the door is held closed by means of an adjustable roller catch.

Designed initially for communal rooms, the PR-1-96 can also be used for link doors or offices where a manual locking regime is preferred. It has also become the preferred option for en-suite bathrooms in CAMHS units and other challenging environments because the doors can be locked in both open and closed position.

Locking the door in the open position has become more common in the mental health sector to prevent doors being damaged during periods of particularly difficult behaviour.

Product Code: PR1-96


PR1 Classic Deadlock

‘86’ Latch-Lock (Key/Key)

Offices - Cupboards - Kitchens - Dispensaries

The PR-1-86, like all of the Classic range, conforms to DHF: TS001:2013 and has been developed for automatic locking applications where a key/key function is required.

For example, in some EU countries where legislation differs to the UK, such a function would be permissible on bedroom doors. Other applications might include ‘through route’ doors where an automatic locking function ensures that doors cannot inadvertently be left unlocked to prevent unauthorised service user movement.

The PR-1-86 incorporates an anti-thrust bolt which effectively deadlocks the latch when the door is in the closed position. This is an essential feature for outward opening doors which can be more vulnerable to tampering.

The model can also be supplied with a ‘passage set’ option at no extra charge. This enables the latch to be temporarily withheld, preventing the door from auto-locking – ideal when there is a period of continual through traffic or when goods are being delivered.

Product Code: PR1-86


PR1 Classic En- Suite

‘76’ En-Suite Lockset

En-Suite/Bathrooms - Service Risers (76X) - Shallow Cupboards - Laundry Rooms

The PR-1-76 is primarily intended for en-suite bathrooms where a pull handle is required on both sides of the door. On this model, locking is limited to one side of the door only and is particularly useful for isolation purposes in the event of any damage to internal fixtures and fittings.

Ordinarily, it is not considered necessary to provide a locking feature on the inside of an en-suite bathroom as privacy can be assured by locking the main bedroom door.

Due to the applications for which the ‘76’ lockset is intended, it does not require any special anti-barricade function. However, the ’76’ has all the other features of our Classic range which enables the continuity of Primera styling throughout a building.

Where a pull handle is not required on the inside of the door, the PR-1-76X variant is ideal.

Product Code: PR1-76


PR1 Classic Indicator

'56' Indicator Lockset

En-Suite/Bathrooms - Assisted Bathrooms - Bedrooms - Therapy Rooms

The PR-1-56 is a fully integrated indicator lock with the reassurance of anti-barricade override. The indicator is directly driven by the internal turn/pull. Importantly the key cannot alter the status of the indicator. This means that if the indicator is in the red position there is definitely someone inside the room. From this, clinical staff can see ‘at a glance’ whether the service user is in their room.

Primera’s patented primary barricade override mechanism ensures that the staff key will always dominate the lock even when the service user tries to prevent staff access by holding the internal handle.

Tested to the highest standard (Level 4 DHF TS001:2013) this product provides the service user with an easy to operate internal turn/pull. This enables locking of the bathroom door for the purposes of privacy and dignity and to fully conform to current mental health legislation.


Product Code: PR1-56


PR1 Classic Nightlatch

‘66’ Latch-Lock (Key/Turn)

Offices - Cupboards - Kitchens - Dispensaries

The PR-1-66 is specifically designed for applications where automatic locking is needed: kitchens where there are knives, dispensaries where drugs are stored, cupboards in which there are cleaning chemicals etc.

Due to high use, wear and tear of keys in mental healthcare can be a problem. Any door which locks itself automatically reduces the demand on the key by 50%, doubling the life expectancy of the locking cylinders.

Primera automatic locksets are all equipped with an anti-thrust bolt which deadlocks the latch when the door is in the closed position. This makes the latch highly resistant to manipulation – a feature which is especially useful for outward opening doors.

This lockset can also be supplied with a ‘passage set’ function.

Product Code: PR1-66


PR1 Classic Service Riser

‘16’ Service Riser lockset

Service Risers - Cupboards - Wardrobes

Service riser doors may be inconspicuous but the plant and equipment they conceal can be dangerous to vulnerable service users. The PR-1-16 lockset, with a simple anti-ligature pull handle, escutcheon and cylinder-operated deadlock provides security and safety.

Available with a choice of four different pull handles: recessed, pinch, elephants trunk and grab the PR-1-16 lockset is affordable, practical and styled to match other Primera locksets.

Product Code: PR1-16