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LL Bedroom

46’ Bedroom Lockset

Bedrooms - Offices/Staff Areas - CTM's - Therapy Rooms

The Life-Line system is designed to address the common problems associated with service users blocking up keyways using chewing gum or wadded toilet tissue. In recent years, a number of mental health organisations have used simple, budget locks on the basis that removal of foreign bodies is easier, but such locks tend to provide poor security and can easily be manipulated by service users using things as basic and readily available as spoon handles.

Primera’s Life-Line is a semi-secure locking system with a closed keyway and primary override. Even if a service user attempts to prevent staff access the Life-Line Key will always dominate the internal turn/pull.

The PR-LL-46 is suitable for bedroom doors providing the service user with a turn/pull handle on the inside of the door for privacy. With three different handle options: pinch grip, elephants trunk and recessed grab, the product is suitable for a variety of different applications ranging from CAMHS units through to dementia wards.

Product Code: PR1-LL-46


LL EnSuite

‘76’ En-Suite Lockset

En-Suite/Bathrooms - Service Risers (76X) - Shallow Cupboards - Laundry Rooms

The PR-LL-76 is controlled by Primera’s patented Life-Line locking mechanism which, due to its unique closed keyway, limits the potential for the service user to block the keyway with foreign objects.

It is primarily designed for en-suite bathrooms where a pull handle is required on both sides of the door and locking is limited to one side of the door only and controlled by staff key. This is particularly useful when there is a need to isolate the bathroom in the event of a reduction in patient privileges or damage to internal fixtures and fittings.

Ordinarily, it is not considered necessary to provide a locking feature on the inside of an en-suite bathroom as privacy can be assured by locking the main bedroom door.
Due to the applications for which the ‘76’ lockset is intended, it does not require any special anti-barricade function. However, the ’76’ has all the other features of our Life-Line range which enables the continuity of Primera styling throughout a building.

Product Code: PR1-LL-76


LL Indicator

‘56’ Indicator Lockset

En-Suite/Bathrooms - Assisted Bathrooms - Bedrooms - Therapy Rooms

The PR-LL-56 is the only fully integrated bathroom lock with the benefit of primary barricade override and an indicator facility. Operating on the Life-Line platform, the keyway is closed whenever the key is removed reducing the potential for the service user to insert foreign objects into the keyway in a determined barricade attempt.

Primera indicator locks are often used in bedrooms. This is due to the fact that the indicator is controlled only by the internal turn/pull and not by the key. Any room with single door access showing occupied status (red) is definitely occupied as the indicator cannot be changed with the key. If the door is locked with the indictor in the unoccupied position (green), staff know that the door has been locked by key, a helpful feature when the room needs to be isolated.

Available with a choice of three different handle options: pinch grip, elephants trunk and recessed grab.

Product Code: PR1-LL-56



LL Nightlatch

‘66’ Latch-Lock (Key/Turn)

Offices - Cupboards - Kitchens - Dispensaries

The PR-LL-66 is designed for applications where automatic locking is required. Operating on Primera’s unique Life-Line mechanism, the keyway closes when the key is removed to discourage the insertion of foreign objects.

When there is a need to know that if the door is closed it is locked, an automatic deadlocking latch is ideal. Kitchens, dispensaries and cleaning cupboards all house potentially dangerous implements or substances and automatic locking makes life simpler and reduces wear and tear on keys and cylinders.

All Primera automatic locks are equipped with an anti-thrust bolt which deadlocks the latch when the door is in the closed position reducing the potential for patient manipulation. If required, this product can be supplied with a ‘passage set’ feature which can be used to prevent automatic latching – a feature that can be very useful during periods of continual traffic.

Product Code: PR1-LL-66