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Britplas SafeVent Security Fencing

SafeVent Security Fencing

Safevent Security Fencing is a reliable perimeter security fencing system that imposes minimum impact on the environment and character of the surrounding area.

A Major Innovation from Britplas
Safevent Security fencing is a cloaking system that is strong, climb proof, anti ligature, weather proof and possesses design features that ensure extra privacy whilst preventing the direct passing of unauthorised items.

For New or Existing Fencing

The Britplas system has been designed for use where retro fitting to existing fencing is required or in situations where it is to be erected from scratch as part of a new build project.

Available for installation at any fence height, across most terrain and in any RAL colour, the fencing system has quickly established itself as a market leading product, enabling good levels of visibility from within the compound whilst ensuring extra privacy when viewed externally.

Peace of Mind Through Better Design

The product has been designed to ensure maximum benefit is derived from the tried and tested welded mesh fencing system. Designed to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of industry, public and private sector security applications.

Stimulating Environments Through Design
Large and detailed printwork can be applied to the cloaking to create an improved outlook, to display logos or motiff design as well as artwork or pictures to help create a more stimulating environment.

Product Code:BRITF112