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Safe Serve Food Hatch

The Logica Safe Serve food hatch is a unique wall unit that allows the safe service of food into secure areas. It is a highly robust and solid unit that gives staff maximum protection when serving larger items.
The Safe Serve rotating food hatch allows items up to 220mm wide to be passed through to patient areas without staff risk. Manufactured from high grade 316 stainless steel with a heavy duty bevelled edge surround for maximum safety and durability. Designed with a built in quick release function that allows the whole unit to be taken out and cleaned for better infection control and hygiene.

Product Code: LG160


Safe Serve Medicine Hatch

The medicine hatch is a heavy duty unit that has a locking chamber to allow small items to be passed through the door from staff to patients. When the hatch is open to the staff side it is locked on the patient side eliminating the risk of patient contact.Stainless steel medicine hatch for use in 54mm thick doors. This unique unit allows small items to be passed from the staff to patient without any risk of contact.Made from heavy duty 2mm 316 grade stainless steel for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. Bevelled fascia and molded knob controls to limit ligature attachment and provide an effective solution for treatment and seclusion suits.

Product Code: LG171

Safe Serve Vision Hatch

The viewing hatch is a door mounted stainless steel unit that combines a heavy duty Duralux vision panel with a sliding service hatch. Manufactured for challenging environments and secured with security bolts it is an all-in-one unit for patient care and observation.Stainless steel vision panel with a service hatch which has an opening of 125 x 300 to allow plates and large items to be handed through. The hatch automatically locks on the front catch for added safety

Product Code: KG172