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Protec Fire Detection 6000 Plus Anti-Ligature base c/w adapter


Protec Fire Detection plc are the number one provider to the MOJ for life safety

alarm systems. We were asked by NOMS Technical Services to investigate the

feasibility of developing an anti-ligature method of mounting our approved

6000PLUS OPHTCO (combined optical heat & co sensor) and OPHT sensors,

which are already widely used prison cell applications. Special prison mode

algorithms provide a rapid response to small fire events whilst being resilient to

cigarettes and other proprietary smoking materials. This innovative solution

provides the potential for any product to be mounted in a cell, or other areas

where there is a requirement to protect vulnerable persons in full compliance with

the safer custody guidelines.


Ultra high performance neodymium magnet ensure the device is held firmly in

place and a secure electrical connection is maintained but no damage or ligature

point remains if the detector or device is removed. It can be wall; ceiling or

cornice trunking mounted which gives the flexibility needed for the various cell types

in operation across a very diverse Prison estate.

 A range of accessories makes this the perfect solution for new & refurbishment

projects alike and suitable for most prison, police custody, secure units, mental health

facilities or other application where an Anti-Ligature solution is required.


Seven kits are available which can all be enhanced by the addition of the tamper

alarm and short circuit isolator interface. Each device is loop powered no additional

24v supply is required. Dual loop short circuit isolation is provided to ensure

full system integrity is maintained at all times An inbuilt tamper circuit provides an

INSTANT local audible alarm and signal back to the fire alarm panel. 



 • True Anti-Ligature Design

 • Full Compliance with the Latest NOMS Technical Standards

 • Breakaway at less than 14Kg

 • Self Polarising & Aligning, 360° Rotation

 • Wall, Ceiling or Cornice Trunking Mountable

 • Suitable for Surface or Flush Installation

 • Loop Powered

  Full 6000PLUS Range Compatibility

Product code: Protec83-540-63




Sdals Anti Ligature smoke detector base


Model ALD 302/L Due to increasing demand from mental health facilities, Spruce Design Anti-Ligature Services have designed and patented (GB2528032) a light-weight, anti-ligature base assembly on which to mount smoke detectors or other electrical units. This simple, robust and hygienic device enables it to be retrofitted by the engineer to existing smoke detectors and it is designed to fit a wide range of different manufactures sensor units. Once in place, should a load of more than 2 KGS be exerted on the installed lower base unit, it will separate, disconnect the electric power connection and prevent the formation of a potential ligature point. The patented anti-contraband lip prevents the seclusion of banned substances. The base assembly is also available with an optional loop integrity circuit to ensure the maintenance of loop continuity within the rest of the system. Due to the use of the powerful magnets within the unit, re-connection following a breakaway is a simple matter of holding the two units near each other and letting the magnetic attraction do the rest. The patented design of the locating tubes and interlocking spigots means the two halves will only fit back together in the correct orientation for effective operation.

Product Code : ALD302L