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Anti-Ligature Ventilation Grill

Steel Ventilation Grill - Powder coated finish in White

Countersunk holes in the flange for fixing with security screws (not supplied - see Fixings category)

For providing individual cells with air ventilation, especially in areas requiring High Security installation.

Also known as Anti Ligature Grill, Security Grill, Prison Grill.

Supply and Exhaust

Tested "Fit For Purpose"

High Security Installation

Product Code:

ALSV150 - 150 X 150MM

ALSV200 - 200 X 200MM

ALSV250 - 250 X 250MM

ALSV300 - 300 X 300MM

ALSV350 - 350 X 350MM

ALSV400 - 400 X 400MM

ALSV450 - 450 X 450MM

ALSV500 - 500 X 500MM

ALSV550 - 550 X 550MM

Ventilation Grill Frame Housing

Steel Ventilation Grill Frame Housing - Powder coated finish in White as standard (Available in all RAL Colours)

Frame designed to house our above ventilation grill for ease of cleaning, as well as maintenance and repairs.

This frame is simply attached to the wall, Anti pic around the framed edge allowing access with out spoiling decoration grill is then placed into the frame and secured with security screws. (Supplied)

*** All sizes are available to match ventilation grill sizes ***

Available in various wrapped effects

Bespoke sizes are available on request



Product Code: 

ALSVF150 - 150 X 150MM

ALSVF200 - 200 X 200MM

ALSVF250 - 250 X 250MM

ALSVF300 - 300 X 300MM

ALSVF350 - 350 X 350MM

ALSVF400 - 400 X 400MM

ALSVF450 - 450 X 450MM

ALSVF500 - 500 X 500MM

ALSVF550 - 550 X 550MM

Ventilation Grill Complete With Frame


The ventilation grills are available to be dipped in almost any design.