Kingsway KG37 free swing transom closer with swing hinge mechanism


Product KG37 Double Action Transom Closer – Free Swing

The double action free swing transom closer is used in conjunction with the swing hinge and drive strap to allow doors to operate in both directions freely. In the event of the fire alarm the closer is activated bringing the door back to the closed position.

The door closer system perform its function discreetly yet still meet exacting convenience and safety criteria and is suitable for doors up to 300 kg. The KG37 allows eective adaptability to various door desingn and -functions. In conjunction with the doorcoordinator BSR, a use at double-leaf doors is possible.

Installation Description
Mark out the area to be removed using the template provided and carefully remove the timber with the necessary tools.

Cut the necessary hold through the frame head to allow the power cable to exit the frame.

Fix the closer in place using the security screws provided (these will need pilot holes to ensure a good result).

The closer is now ready to be engaged in to the drive strap of the door. Once the door is in position and controlled by the closer the power and the latching action can be adjusted using the two screws in the front plate of the closer

The transom closer has been designed to allow doors to be opened to 90° in both directions. The closing force and the latching action can both be adjusted depending on the type of door it is and whether there are air pressure issues that need to be overcome, i.e. a small room without any ventilation will need more latching force to close the door due to the air pressure.

Periodic checks should be made to the closer to ensure the closing and latching action is correct for the door type. Checks should also be made for signs of tampering and damage. Cleaning of the closer should be done only with a damp cloth and mild detergent where necessary. Excess use of liquid will aect the action of the closer and make void the guarantee.

10 Year Guarantee*
*For faulty manufacture and not for damage

Product Code KG37

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