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The ResQHook, a uniquely designed rescue tool, that we call “the knife that saves lives”.

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The ResQHook, a uniquely designed rescue tool, that we call “the knife that saves lives”.

The ResQHook is now in service worldwide and has saved many lives.

It will easily cut through ligatures, webbing, rope, nylon line, leather, electrical flex and clothing quickly and without any risk to the rescuer/rescuee.

Its deeply curved, hook-like blade and razor sharp serration have been specifically designed and manufactured to cope with practically any material and all situations where emergency and rescue services need to release either themselves or a victim from an entanglement, restraint or ligature.

This unique tool is manufactured in 420 stainless steel by George Ibberson, Sheffield and carries the world famous IXL mark of George Wostenholm, knifemakers since 1787.

The ResQHook’s construction is virtually indestructible and intensive tests showed that, with an excess of 900lbs of concentrated pressure, the blade did not distort and the handle moved less than 1cm. This strength gives it the added ability that, with the attachment of a lanyard or line, the hook can be used as a grapple or grab, which can be utilised to pull an object or person away from danger.

The ResQHook has a variety of different coloured handles to complement its different tactical and rescue roles.

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Black, Green, Red

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