Anti-ligature Shop Developing a Safe Ensuite Bedroom at Starlight Unit

Anti-Ligature Shop (ALS) were asked to design and fit a new reduced ligature safe ensuite bedroom for the Starlight Unit at the University Hospitals of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust.

The Starlight Unit provides care for children aged 0-16 needing a hospital stay for medical treatment or surgery. The paediatric inpatient ward has capacity for 24 children with a mixture of beds and single cubicles, mostly with ensuite facilities. Gillian the ward manager approached ALS because they needed a safer environment for more vulnerable children who presented with both physical and emotional issues.

Over a three-week period, the room was fully refitted. A new solid ceiling with locking access panels and anti-vandal LED lighting was fitted which provided a less institutional feel whilst increasing safety. All basins and sanitary ware (toilet, shower and basins) were replaced with reduced ligature anti-vandal fittings.

ALS fabricated a reduced ligature stainless steel wall mounted lockable cover behind which the oxygen supply including masks and tubing were concealed. The operating controls remained inaccessible to the patient.

The existing window could not be replaced but had to be adapted to reduce the opportunity to attach a ligature. A new anti-ligature handle was installed on the window which allowed the window operation to be managed depending on the clinical risks posed by the patient.

Increased observation was achieved by fitting vision panels to the doors. Safety was also increased by fitting a two-way hinge (i.e. could open inwards or outwards) and a removable doorstop.

All washroom fittings were replaced with anti-ligature items. An aesthetically pleasing ensuite shower room was also fitted.

All items were fitted via our specialist fitting company Maintenance Solutions.

Gillian and her staff were delighted with the finished ensuite bedroom. They were very pleased with the safe environment that had been created. At the end of the project ALS donated the Unit with an Xbox One.

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