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Anti-Ligature Curtain Rail Testing:

All anti-Ligature products should be operated and tested in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions to ensure optimum safety and performance. Commonly most manufacturers recommend a yearly inspection to ensure that the curtain rails are operating appropriately and that the rail and fixings are free from damage.

The weight at which a curtain / curtain rail releases depends on:

  1. The correct installation
  2. Wear and tear during operation
  3. Misuse or damage
  4. Weight, length and drop of the curtains
  5. The weight at which the curtains / rail drops (NB: This will differ depending on the client group)
  6. Other obstructions / hazards which may interfere with normal operation


Anti-ligature shop has developed a wealth of experience in auditing anti ligature load release products, as part of a whole systems approach to managing ligature risk. Indeed we can provide a full inventory of risks, and identify ways to manage risks from identifying repairs and corrective action to identifying single products or full unit specifications

Load Release Weight:

One size doesn’t fit all. i.e. the static load at which a curtain / rail releases on an adult acute ward will be greater than that on a child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS). Magnetic systems commonly release between 15-30kg depending on the proximity of the brackets but will not exceed 40kg. Specially developed magnetic fixings for CAMHS and eating disorder services have been developed to release at a lower weight threshold not exceeding 26kg


In order to provide you with demonstrable proof of the efficiency of the installed anti-ligature systems we can provide a certificate and annual audit & test for all of your rails and Anti-Ligature Equipment. In addition, we will supply you with a report providing

  1. Visual inspection of whole system
  2. Load release data in Kgs
  3. Photographic evidence and summary of key faults
  4. Visual inspection of surrounding room for obstructions that might prevent the correct fall of the curtains
  5. Identification of any repair or replacement required

Services Provided:

  • Testing and auditing any new or existing Anti-Ligature product.
  • Full fitting and Maintenance service of All Anti-Ligature products.
  • For Surveys and prices please contact a Sales Consultant today

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Anti-ligature shop have teamed up with Lamplas and are now supplying Guardian commercial sanitaryware. Lamplas are among the largest GRP and solid surface moulders in the UK and we are excited about the future of working together.

Anti-ligature shop's Anthony Crumpton earlier hosted a webinar taking place yesterday (12/06/20) at Design in Mental Health 2020 digital week showcasing and highlighting how product innovation & development is still happening in the current situation.


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