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Offering the possibility to design an interior with curtains not only helps to create a less institutional environment, but also allows for the control of daylight. To be able to encourage light and colour, allows for an important factor of normality. The J-TRAC curtain rail has been designed and examined to do just that whilst also removing any dangers, dangers that can still be found in other curtain rails that are advertised as safe.

Here at ALS, we are constantly pushing the boundaries in the healthcare industry, trying our best to present new ways of providing safety in care environments. One example of this is the constant adaptations to our J-TRAC curtain rail to ensure there is a solution for every challenge presented.

For challenging environments where care is provided to maximise safety for patients and staff, J-TRAC curtain rail continues to stand in a league of its own. The minimalist design of the J-TRAC makes it one of the simplest and safest rails on the market. Designed to meet challenges safely in Mental Health Environments. ALS provide training and support from our in house experts on how to correctly fit and maintain J-TRAC.

Unlike other ordinary slotted rails, J-TRAC removes the risk of an object being inserted into the rail as the runners release when an abnormal load is applied.

Did you know that we now can bend our J-TRAC curtain rail to match all your bespoke rail enquiries? Using our new innovative machinery, we can alter the rail making it for the first time CURVED to create solutions to all your curtain enquiries.

We can also provide all NEW J-TRAC corner / angled joint brackets enhancing safety when helping the joining of J-TRAC Curtain rail at angles. Ideal for bay windows and where J-TRAC can be fitted into a corner. So how else could the curtain rail be improved? Service user feedback over the years identified that it would be advantageous to create a fixed ligature resistant curtain end stop. With the current system the curtain can travel across the rail without completely covering the window thereby requiring patient adjustment to ensure privacy and to reduce light bleed. Specially adapted ligature resistant end caps for J-TRAC are to be trialed in impatient settings.

Earlier this year J-TRAC underwent BRE testing both the J-TRAC face fix and top fix endured ligature testing and robustness testing to ensure that they meet the standards needed to reduce the risk of harm in environments. Both teams at ALS and Healsafe were very pleased with the result of the testing and the final report. If you would like to hear more about the testing and the performance of J-TRAC get in touch with the team.

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