HORNE 5138 Flushing Kit


Flushing adapters are available for all options of HORNE 15HORNE 20Heatstat T2HORNE 25 TMVs and the HORNE TSV1.

The Horne flushing kit enables effective flushing following installation of a Horne TMV or shower. The flushing kit should also be used periodically to flush the supply pipe work at an elevated velocity (via the drain points upstream of the mixing or shower valve), which serves to shear excess biofilm from the internal pipe surfaces and remove it to drain.

Flushing adapters are available for all options of HORNE 15HORNE 20Heatstat T2HORNE 25 TMVs and the HORNE TSV1. The flushing adapter enables the newly installed pipework to be flushed clean of any debris without passing the debris through the TMV and risking damage to the sealing faces.

The adjacent images and videos show how to fit and operate the Flushing Kit for pipe flushing purposes. It is essential to flush the pipework before any water is run through the mixing or shower valve.

DO NOT flush the pipework by removing the internals of the mixing valve and flushing water through the empty or dummy valve. The pressure drop across the valve and the downstream tap will prevent the water flow attaining maximum velocity and this will not be sufficient for effective cleaning of debris and biofilm from the pipework.

Product Code: 5138

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