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Product Code : ALD302/L  Due to increasing demand from mental health facilities

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There has been an  increase in demand for this product.

Due to increasing demand from mental health facilities, Spruce Design Anti-Ligature Services have designed and patented (GB2528032) a light-weight, anti-ligature base assembly on which to mount smoke detectors or other electrical units. This simple, robust and hygienic device enables it to be retrofitted by the engineer to existing smoke detectors and it is designed to fit a wide range of different manufactures sensor units. Once in place, should a load of more than 2 KGS be exerted on the installed lower base unit, it will separate, disconnect the electric power connection and prevent the formation of a potential ligature point. The patented anti-contraband lip prevents the seclusion of banned substances. The base assembly is also available with an optional loop integrity circuit to ensure the maintenance of loop continuity within the rest of the system. Due to the use of the powerful magnets within the unit, re-connection following a breakaway is a simple matter of holding the two units near each other and letting the magnetic attraction do the rest. The patented design of the locating tubes and interlocking spigots means the two halves will only fit back together in the correct orientation for effective operation.

Product Code:  ALD302/L  

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