ALS Safe Access Evolution


Don’t replace your mechanical locks … upcycle them !

Seamlessly converts existing mechanical locksets to keyless access control; Empowering patient self autonomy throughout their recovery journey.

Customers wanting keyless access control systems currently are often presented with purchasing new electronic locks which don’t match the footprint of the original door lock cut-out. Indeed, this often leads the customer to believe they need a completely new door set.

Safe access evolution repurposes your existing mechanical lockset and upscales its functionality to provide an Anti-Ligature keyless operation. Moreover, the system is designed to provide a ligature resistant, vandal resistant adaptation that requires no additional fixings and thereby it does not change the fire integrity of the door set.

An additional benefit of this system is that if there is a need to remove the keyless locking from one ward the mechanical locking function is immediately reinstated, and the keyless locking can be repurposed to another unit.

Main Benefits

• Retains all the original features of the mechanical lockset including the override function

• Uses concealed fixings

• No alteration to the door is required therefore fire safety integrity is retained

• Easily fitted and removed• Visible and auditory activation indicators

• Fully programmable access helps maintain patient and staff security

• Stand alone system is not reliant on WIFI or third-party cloud hosting

• Can be removed and repurposed elsewhere changing the lockset back to its original mechanical function (e.g. where ward redesignated from adult mental health to PICU)

The Cylinder

The system can be used as a stand-alone system, time zone control or event locking. The system uses the highest levels of encryption using mifare Desfire (ev 2 & 3) thereby preventing cloning of access cards to help maintain safety and security. Using digital locking technology, you add security in your care environment while increasing the safety of service users.

Methods of operation

• RFID Smart card

• Transponder

• Key fob

• Wristband

Hardware & Infrastructure

Offline: without networking: Programming directly at the door using a programming device

Partial networking: virtual networking: Programming online, user has to collect the data at the gateway.

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