Primera Clik Shower Track


Strong, durable and incredibly safe

Laboratory tested and fully accredited 
Primera prides itself on the design and manufacture of products that are above all, fit for purpose. To this end, all Clik products are independently tested by Exova, a UKAS accredited test laboratory,  to the Door & Hardware Federation’s technical specification for anti-ligature products: DHF TS001. All Clik products passed TS001 at the very highest level: L4.

ABS Plastic
Strong, durable and incredibly safe unlike polycarbonate, which can crack and tear leaving jagged edges which can be used for self-harm, all Clik products are manufactured from high performance ABS plastic selected for strength, durability and its inherent properties which reduce the potential for self-harm.

Fire Resistant
During the injection moulding process a fire retardant is added to achieve a V0 fire rating (burning stops within 10 seconds).

Light weight
Unlike other load release products, all the components in the Clik range have been purposefully designed to be as light as possible. This reduces the risks to clinical staff. When compared, Clik products weighed in at significantly less than other leading brands.

When an abnormal load is applied (10Kg per bracket, 20Kg max) the holding force is immediately overcome and the bracket releases its load. This could be a curtain track, soap dish, wardrobe rail or any one of a number of anti-ligature load release products designed for use in mental healthcare. Clik can do this time after time without any adverse effect on the performance of the product.
For durability and consistency, Clik incorporates heat treated stainless steel spring clips that have no decline in performance over time. After release all that is required is for the item to be pushed back in to its bracket and the product is ready for use again. It’s as simple as that!

Product Features:

Light Weight
Rapid Release
Stylish Design
Colour Mix Options
ABS Impact Resistant Safety Material
Durability Tested
Anti-ligature Tested to DHF TS001
Conventional Appearance


Description Product Code White Grey Green Purple
Straight Shower Track (900mm) PR-8451-ST-900 WA WB WC WD
Straight Shower Track (1250mm) PR-8451-ST-1250 WA WB WC WD
Straight Shower Track (1800mm) PR-8451-ST-1800 WA WB WC WD
Striaght Shower Track (2400mm) PR-8451-ST-2400 WA WB WC WD
L-Shaped Shower Track (750x750mm) PR-8451-ST-L1500 WA WB WC WD
L-Shaped Shower Track (750x1200mm) PR-8472-ST-L1950 WA WB WC WD
L-Shaped Shower Track (1200x1200mm) PR-8573-ST-L2400 WA WB WC WD
L-Shaped Shower Track (750x1650mm) PR-8574-ST-L2400 WA WB WC WD
L-Shaped Shower Track (2500x2500mm) PR8575-ST-L5000 WA WB WC WD


Additional information


1200*1200mm, 1250mm, 1800mm, 2400mm, 2500*2500mm, 750*1200mm, 750*1650mm, 750*750mm, 900mm


Green, Grey, Purple, White

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